Swim with the Dolphins

If you want to swim with dolphins we suggest making your reservation shortly after your arrival to ensure you can experience this amazing treat. The Dolphin Discovery store is located in the marina area. They will take a photo of the dolphin kissing you during your swim that you can purchase at the conclusion of your experience.

Dolphin swims are one of the most popular activities in Puerto Aventuras.

  • Swim Program
    A one hour program (30 minutes of water time) that allows visitors to perform various activities with the dolphins including the footpush, the dorsal tow, dolphin kiss and freetime.
  • Encounter Program
    A 45 minute program (30 minutes of water time) where participants are able to have the ultimate close experience with a dolphin as visitors will enjoy the dolphin hug, kiss, and watching them perform various fun and exciting behaviors.
  • Dive Program
    Experience every divers dream as you will enjoy a one tank dive with the oceans most beautiful animal. Activities include a submerged dolphin hug, dolphin kiss and enjoying them to perform various jumps that are even more spectacular when viewed underwater.

For information and reservations: