Beaches & Swimming

Beaches and Swimming

The Saltwater Sea Pool This exotic swimming pool is located just to the right of the steps from Casa Mediterranean, stepping down to the Caribbean waters. As the tides roll in, this sea pool filters in salt water and sea life through two separate channels chiseled through the exposed coral. All manner of ocean critters like shrimp can be found in this approximate 4-foot deep pool. Because of its rarity, beauty and proximity, this pool is one reason we decided to purchase Casa Mediterranean.

Oasis Hotel Beach A small bay to the north of the villa serves as the beach for the Oasis hotel; an extension of beach was built inland to host several smaller bed & breakfast operations. This is the beach closest to the villa. The Oasis is an all- inclusive hotel that will allow you to pay one price and eat all day even if you aren’t a hotel patron.

Omni Hotel Beach Another white sandy beach can be found at the Omni Hotel near the marina district. Their policy is the same as the Oasis so feel free to go in and check out the lovely white gentle sandy beach at this resort.

Xpu Ha Beach If you feel up to venturing outside of PA, take a short 5-minute drive south on 307 to our favorite stretch of beach known as Xpu Ha (pronounced ish-pu-ha). You’ll see a small billboard sign approximately 2-3 miles south of the PA entrance on the east side of 307. The billboard will read Cafe del Mar, Xpu Ha and X-4 marking the jungle pathway which is just to the north of Copacabana. The pathway through the jungle is deceiving. Keep driving and you’ll happen onto a slice of paradise, too beautiful to believe. Pristine beaches with only moderate development around, there’s a little outdoor restaurant known as Cafe del Mar owned and operated by the nicest fellow named Leon. This is a must-do while your in the area. Plan to spend the day under the palapas, palms enjoying your favorite soft drinks, cocktails and the food at Cafe del Mar.

Tulum Beach Another gorgeous but very remote beach to visit is about 30 minutes south of PA on 307 near the Tulum ruins. This beach stretches on for miles with a coral reef extending hundreds of yards out into the Caribbean, while the waves breaking in the distance provide swimmers, strollers and snorkelers gentle currents in which to play. It’s difficult to give directions here but Gina can direct you as this beach is about 1-2 miles south of the Tulum ruins.

The Freshwater Swimming Pool This refreshing freshwater swimming pool is perfect for all ages. With a blue-tiled bottom, it’s easy to see the shallow vs. deeper regions in the pool. When we renovated the home a little over a year ago, we also renovated the swimming pool, putting in a generous shallow area about 2 feet deep with light blue tile, specifically designed for small children. The deeper end noted with dark blue tile is approximately 4-5 feet deep. We hope this enables moms and dads to breath a little easier and enjoy their time without so much worry. Parental supervision is always recommended, however, when minors are swimming.