Ancient Mayan Ruins

The only major Maya ruin built on the sea-shore, the 1,400 year old complex called Tulum is magnificent. Sand-colored temples-some close to 10 floors high- sit perched above the ocean. Guides tell of scientifically recorded equinoxes when the rising and setting sun shines precisely through astronomically calculated windows. Less than 600 years after the birth of Christ, this large city was constructed, making it by some calculations, the oldest continuously occupied city in the entire Western Hemisphere. Mayan priests, warriors and their families lived here for more than 1,000 years. This is one site where it is worth the money to pay for a guided tour. Its not very expensive yet enhances the experience. It gets VERY hot at Tulum. We suggest going early in the day and taking lots of water and wearing your walking shoes.

In addition to Tulum, there are many other sites around. Let us know if you want to take a journey of the ruins and we can arrange a special private tour of one or many.